Code of Conduct


The goal of the Yorba Linda High School Track & Field program and its coaches is to promote responsibility, cooperation, leadership, and sportsmanship in our athletes as they train and compete. The attainment of these qualities requires hard work and personal commitment on the part of the athletes in the program. In addition, coaches expect courtesy, respect, attention, and responsibility from athletes.

The Code of Conduct and Code of Ethics detail the rules and policies governing every team member. All members and their parents are expected to understand and adhere to these rules. Your signatures on the last page will confirm this obligation.

A program of this size demands clear organization and structure to maintain an appropriate environment for the achievement of our goals and team success.

The program will be successful if athletes have fun in a safe environment and compete and perform to the best of their abilities. Students and parents must communicate well with coaches regarding personal, academic, and physical problems that may prevent athletes from performing in practice and competition.

Please contact me at with any questions and/or comments. We look forward to sharing a fun and successful season.


Jesse G. Gomez, BA, M.ED, NFHS Certified

Head Track & Field Coach Yorba Linda High School

In addition to the rules that govern all Yorba Linda High School students, participants in the Track & Field program will be governed by the following rules. As a participant of the Yorba Linda High School Track & Field team, I agree to the following code of conduct:


The Placentia-­‐Yorba Linda Unified School District and CIF has adopted a “C” average (2.0) rule for eligibility.  We require that all athletes maintain a high level of academic achievement and certainly expect that they will achieve well above the minimum “C” average required for competition in athletics.  Students on academic probation will not be able to compete in school athletics should they receive less than a 2.0 for a second consecutive semester.  Students who are academically ineligible will not be permitted to participate in track, as a class, or an athletic activity.


All student-­‐athletes are expected to behave in a mature manner both on the field and in the classroom.  Any athlete who receives more than one “U” in citizenship or work habits on a progress report jeopardizes their opportunity to letter and to participate in meets.  If an athlete’s behavior does not improve, the athlete will face disciplinary action and possible dismissal from the team.


Yorba Linda High School recognizes the importance of the educational process and the need for students to pursue education as their first priority.  Regular and punctual attendance is closely correlated to higher academic achievement in school.  We also recognize the value of participation in athletics.  Co-­‐Curricular activities make a positive contribution to students’ lives, helping to instill important values and positive self-­‐esteem.  However, we consider these co-­‐ curricular activities to be of secondary importance to the need for a sound academic education. Therefore, we shall institute the following attendance and co-­‐curricular participation policy for the school year.

Students must attend regular classes the day of any school related event in order to be able to participate in, or attend, any school related activity after school.  If any student fails to attend at least a minimum day of class hours, he / she will not be allowed to attend any school related events that day.  A minimum day is defined as at least four classes on a traditional period 1-­‐6 day.

Exceptions to this policy will be allowed for absences due to the conditions beyond the student’s control. Legitimate, verified family emergencies, court dates, and funerals are examples. Only absences classified by the following attendance codes will be allowed as exceptions:

  • F-­‐ Funeral
  • L-­‐ Court appearance, religious event
  • O–Office visit
  • V-­‐ School activity, such as field trip, counseling appointment, testing
  • Medical/Dental appointment. This will require a note from the Doctor/Dentist/Orthodontist verifying the time and date the student was at the office. The “I” code is also used for excused illness—illness is not an acceptable reason to be excused from this policy. If a student is too ill to attend school, he/she is certainly too ill to participate in co-­‐curricular activities.

Violation of this rule will result in the following disciplinary action:

  • 1st Offense: The student is suspended from participating in competition for that Coach will counsel the student/athlete. The coach may implement other sanctions.
  • 2nd Offense: The student is suspended from participating in competition that Parent is notified. A meeting with coach and/or administrator may be arranged. The coach may implement other sanctions.
  • 3rd Offense: The student will be removed from the co-­‐curricular active


Athletes must attend mandatory workouts or meetings, and be on time. Athletes should be prepared and organize all other commitments (This includes: work schedules; medical appointments; family vacations) around the following schedule during the season: Monday thru Friday 2:00pm –5:00 pm

*Exceptions may be made for seniors making college visits, if approved by the Coach prior to the absence.

Note: all times are approximate and may vary at the discretion of the head coach. A tardy athlete will be disciplined by:

  • 1st Offense: The individual will run 1 reminder.
  • 2nd Offense: Suspension from one meet
  • Repeat offenders: Dismissal from team.

Practice is very important! It is mandatory. Therefore, unless an athlete has been out ill for THE ENTIRE SCHOOL DAY they must attend practice.  No exceptions.

If an athlete has missed the whole day of school, this can become an excused absence if either of the two procedures below are followed:

  • The parent e-­‐mails by noon and informs us that their athlete will miss practice due to an all day illness or absence. E-­‐mails should be directed to Coach Gomez at
  • If email is unavailable, the parent may call and leaves a voicemail by noon with Coach Gomez (714-­‐986-­‐7500, extension 14325)


An unexcused absence will result in:

  • 1st Offense: Extra workout assigned, possible suspension for one meet
  • 2nd Offense: Suspension for one meet
  • 3rd Offense: Dismissal from the team

Excessive absences will dock citizenship grade.


Athletes are only allowed to miss 6 practices total for the season. These can be excused or unexcused absences or any combination thereof. Any more than 6 absences from practice will result in dismissal from the team. The only exceptions are a prolonged illness verified by a doctor, or prolonged family emergency. 


In order to maintain an atmosphere conducive to successful training and team success, the following practice session discipline plan will be enforced:  “Horseplay,” failure to follow coaching instructions, walking during warm-­‐ups, non-­‐stretching, or any other behavior during practice time deemed inappropriate by the coaching staff will be met with the following consequences:

During an individual practice session:

  • First offense: Verbal warning
  • Second Offense: Removal to stands for remainder of practice session. Counseled by head coach at end of practice.

During Season:

  • First removal to stands: Counseling by coach
  • Second removal to stands: Counseling by coach, and phone call to
  • Third removal to stands: Dismissal from team


Athletes are expected to adhere to the following rules during all meets. Infractions of these rules will result in an immediate suspension or dismissal from the program.

  • Athletes are expected to be respectful to all school employees, officials, parents, teachers, and other athletes.
  • Athletes are expected to maintain composure during meets. They will not argue with or demean officials, opposing coaches or athletes.
  • Athletes are expected not to curse or
  • Athletes are expected to refrain from horseplay or rough housing. All athletes are expected to be warming up, mentally preparing, or supporting team mates during their
  • Athletes are expected to not litter in the locker room or on campus. This means all athletes are responsible for cleaning up the area of the field we have occupied before
  • Athletes are expected to be honest. Athletes who cheat, lie, or steal will be disciplined and/or dismissed.
  • Athletes are expected to treat school and other athlete’s property with


Athletes will dress properly for meets. No athlete will modify or alter issued equipment, or wear any equipment not issued by the school without the coach’s permission.



  • Practice clothing must be brought to school and worn for practice every day.
  • A pair of running shoes must be brought to practice every day.
  • Shoes must be worn at all times.

Meet Days at School

  • Athletes must wear team apparel during the school day.


  • Uniforms and warm-­‐ups will be purchased as a part of the team package. Athletes are expected to dress in these uniforms and warm-­‐ups only.  No alterations to the uniform are allowe
  • All jewelry must be removed. Students who do not dress for practice will not practice and therefore not compete that week. Improper uniforms worn at meets will result in the following discipline:
    • First Offense: Verbal warning – If the athlete does not correct the uniform before a race you will be pulled from
    • Second Offense: Athlete will be pulled from the entire meet.
    • Third Offense: Dismissal from team


If the injury occurs during practice, athletes will first report to the coach. Athletes will report to the trainer at the coach’s direction for treatment immediately upon being injured. Athletes will first report to practice if they need to see the trainer at the beginning of practice. Athletes who report to the trainer without first notifying the coach themselves will be marked truant. THERE WILL BE NO LOITERING OR HORSEPLAY IN THE TRAINING ROOM!  RESPECT THE TRAINER!

  • Athletes will be expected to work out unless injured or directed otherwise by a doctor, or other certified medical personnel.
  • Injured athletes will not be permitted to practice until a doctor permits their return in writing.
  • Injured athletes must come to practices and engage in as much of the practice as possible
    • Core Workouts
    • Stretching
  • Athletes who do not train will not participate in track meets.
  • Athletes should not participate in activities outside of Track that could cause injury during the season, such as bodysurfing, snowboarding, skateboarding, club sports Injuries resulting from these activities that prevent athletes from practicing for more than two weeks could cause them to be removed from the team.
  • *The decision to keep an injured athlete (more than two weeks or indefinitely) on the team is at the sole discretion of the Head

9.     TRAVEL

Meets: All athletes are expected to remain in attendance and participate in the support of teammates until the end of our meets and league finals meet. Athletes will be allowed to leave Saturday Invitational meets with parents after they have competed. NO EXCEPTIONS! District rules prohibit athletes from riding to or from a competition with anyone other than their own parent or guardian, unless a parent has completed and filed the transportation request forms with the school.

A District Bus Fee is required for all athletes.  Checks may be made out to YLHS for $50.


  • Alcohol, drugs and tobacco are not conducive to athletic achievement. They are also illegal for our team members.
  • Use of performance-­‐enhancing drugs is forbidden
  • Any athlete found to be using alcohol, drugs, tobacco or performance-­‐enhancing drugs at any time during the season will be dismissed from the team.


An athlete must meet all of the following criteria in order to earn a varsity letter:

  1. Compete on the varsity team in at least one of the league meets or league finals, OR, be an active 4 year member of the team at the end of your senior
  2. Maintain a minimum of at least a 2.0 grade point average during the season.
  3. Have no mark of “U” in Citizenship or Work Habits during the grading period of the
  4. Receive no more than a one (1) meet suspension from the team for any reason (including tardies, attendance, or discipline) during the season.
  5. Meet the Points system

12.     GRADES

Grades will be determined on effort, attendance, and participation. Every athlete starts off with an “A” grade.

During the competition season, for each unexcused absence (or its equivalent), 1/2 letter grade will be dropped for the reporting period.  For each tardy, 1/4 letter grade will be dropped.  EX: 1st unexcused absence, grade goes from A to A-­‐.

During the postseason, one-­‐third of the final semester grade will be determined based on attendance, dressing out, and weight room training during the 6th period Track & Field class.