Booster Club

Welcome to Track & Field at Yorba Linda High School!

The YLHS Track & Field Boosters are very proud of the high standards and the excellent winning tradition created by the past and present members of the YLHS Track & Field teams and our Head Coach, Jesse Gomez. It is our goal to continue these high standards and watch our children engage in an experience that will last a lifetime.

The California state budget is at an all-time low, and funds from Sacramento cover less and less each passing year. Rather than eliminate these programs, booster clubs were established with the goal of sustaining them for the benefit and enrichment of students throughout their high school years.

As with all programs in public schools, we receive minimal financial support from the school which requires us to rely heavily on financial contributions via booster fair-share, sponsorships and fundraising. It costs over $300 per athlete to run a successful program. This club can only be successful with your support. In order to make this coming year a fun and exciting time for everyone, the Booster Club needs help from all the parents. The fair-share along with our fundraising offsets the cost of running the program and includes team t-shirts, race entries, the purchase of equipment, and payment of our coaches’ stipends just to name a few.

The dictionary defines a booster as “a person or thing that boosts; specifically, an energetic and enthusiastic supporter, person or thing that supports, assists, or increases power or effectiveness.” Every parent is part of the booster club. In order to make our Track & Field program successful, we need help from all of our parents – you – the boosters. Parent help is needed throughout the season. Your voluntary contributions of time and financial donations will help to provide our student athletes with a quality program.

Please let us know where you would like to help! We appreciate your support.

2017 Executive Board

PRESIDENT:  Robin Joseph


SECOND VICE PRESIDENT:  Tatyana Pinkevich  

SECRETARY:  Connie Hood

TREASURER:  Carolyn Provenzano




To contact a member of the executive board, please use the following email: