Crean Lutheran Meet Information – Meet Entries Added!

Crean Lutheran

12500 Sand Canyon Ave., Irvine, CA 92618

Please check here to see which events each athlete is entered in: 2014 Crean Lutheran Invite Performance List (1)

Jumping  and Throwing Events—For the Shot Put, Discus, Long Jump, Triple Jump, and Pole Vault each athlete will receive three (3) jumps or throws.

Order of Events— Field Events will begin at 2:45pm and running events at 3pm in the following order:

  1. 4×100
  2. 1600
  3. 100GH
  4. 110BH
  5. 400
  6. 100
  7. 800
  8. 300GH
  9. 300BH
  10. 200
  11. 3200
  12. 4×400

Concession  Stand—There will be a full concession stand

Spikes—Spikes must be  3/16” pyramid or smaller.

Programs—Programs will  be available for sale for spectators at the entrance of the stadium. It will  include the Order of Events, the names of athletes that are competing in each  heat and event.

Track and Infield—Only  those athletes that are participating may be on the infield or on the track  area. Weight coaches may be in the shot put area while observing their athletes.  Pole vault coaches will be allowed in the pole vault area! Please monitor your  athletes throughout the day.


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