Sky Jumpers winter pole vaulting camp Dec 28-30

Calling all pole vaulters! Are you looking for the latest in skill progression, instruction and the world’s most comprehensive collection of skill enhancement devices? How about receiving elite demonstrations and explanations from an incredible cast of coaches and vaulters? Then you won’t want to miss Sky Jumper’s Winter Pole Vaulting and Fun Camp this December 28-30, 2013, sponsored by Sky Jumpers Vertical Sports Club and VS Athletics.

Directed by Olympic bronze medalist and former world record holder Jan Johnson, this system is legendary for offering the finest, most up-to-date teaching system possible in a high energy, fun atmosphere.

Special guests include:

  • Derrick Hitch, NCAA All-American
  • Melissa Gergel, NCAA Champion
  • Kasey Burlingham, NCAA D2 Champion
  • Chelsea Johnson, Former College Record Holder, World Championships Silver Medalist
  • Trey Hardee, Two-Time World Decathlon Champion, Olympic Medalist
  • And many others!

The Sky Jumper’s program consists of three sessions daily with: small groups, several pits, and a large staff on premises during the entire camp. A variety of activities include: vaulting, gymnastics, rope vaulting, ring vaulting, skill progressions, imitative exercises, vaulting drills, videotaping, and movies. For the adventurous, they also offer surfing and half-pipe skating as additional activities!

Please note the Winter Pole Vaulting and Fun Camp has an enrollment limit – typically they are booked by December 1st. Click here for the flyer, application and parental consent forms (all in the same document).  For more information, check out the Sky Jumpers website or look them up on Facebook.

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