Off-season update and parent letter

Welcome to the 2012 Track and Field Off-Season! The goals of the off-season are to develop discipline, and enhance strength, speed, and stamina. To assist in meeting these goals, we have a few requests… 

The first is a Fair Share Contribution of $100 per athlete for the Fall School Semester. This money will be used to pay the Coaches’ Fall Stipends and for practice clothing. Each athlete will receive two practice t-shirts and one pair of practice shorts. The t-shirts are unisex, but shorts are different for males and females. These are to be worn for workouts every day. Think of them as your student’s substitute “PE Uniform”. Please complete this form and return with your check made out to YLHS T&F BC (Booster Club) by September 14th.

The second is a training fee paid to Athlete’s Quest (proprietor Matt Robinson). Athlete’s Quest will provide one session per week of training. They teach speed, power and explosive exercises that enhance athletic performance. Many other athletic programs here at YLHS and other area high schools contract with Athlete’s Quest and have seen great improvements in performance. Their usual rate is $25 per hour, but we have garnered their services for $20 per month per student! More information will be forthcoming. Check out their website and new facility, The Factory.

If you have any questions, please contact us. Thank you in advance for your support!

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